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Applying for a Large Mortgage Loan in the UK can be a troublesome process, with often untrained or junior members of bank or building society staff not knowing the procedure or limits of their own employers the lender!

Gaining a serious response to your mortgage that is beyond the usual High Street criteria of £500,000 can come with many pitfalls, that’s why you need to engage the services of a professional and longstanding financial advice firm – like us.

Having processed many thousands of mortgages, established in 1988, we don’t make you queue on the phone to book an appointment and then wait 2 weeks before you can go along to a busy branch and wait in line to be seen – with us you can engage your enquiry from our bespoke online systems and have our systems automatically assess and generically agree your mortgage within minutes. In fact, all it depends on is your typing skills 🙂

If you are concerned about initially transacting your details online then simply call and speak to our telephone team on either freephone 0800 092 0800 0r 0207 871 3023, they work 7 days a week and are the fastest way to get your case in front of one of our qualified financial advisers.

So if you are ready to start the process either click one of the links here on this site or speak to our telephone team now – you won’t regret it.